ClimbOn #JogYourMemories Contest – May 2019

ClimbOn Adventures Society conducted a contest for its participants to share their best memories from ClimbOn Events to take people back to the trekking world for a moment where they can look back at their old memories during these times. We received 31 great memories from our participants, all showing how adventure truly adds a new dimension to our life. Shared below are 2 best memories selected by our judges –

Khushbu Jain – Memory from Spiti Valley, 2019

I took my first step into the life of trekking and adventure with ClimbOn about 21 months ago. With all the treks being memorable with an enriching experience, The best memory I can recollect was the Bike Trip to Spiti Valley where I posted a letter to my nephew from the highest post office in the world. The happiness I saw on my nephew’s face when he received the letter still lingers on my mind. Every event with ClimbOn club has been a unique and amazing experience. I have made unforgettable memories with you all 🙂 Thank You ClimbOn!! CHEERS!!

Rajni Rawat – Memory from Palanka, 2018

This photo especially has so many memories attached. It specially taught us that trekking isn’t always pushing yourself and challenging yourself physically. There were many challenges all the way but this challenge was a different one. It was not one of physical ability.

Rather, it was a test of will and inner strength. The real strength came from the ability to stay positive in the face of these trials.

The aspect of ClimbOn group members where we saw the Attitude each member carried during these times where things weren’t in our control. Attitude: The Mental Aspect when you know things aren’t in your control but the key to getting through it, is attitude and having a positive mindset. Positivity was the point. Keeping us all engaged and meanwhile planning other ways to find. Stuck in between crossing the river or trekking back all the way to find other ways. 

But as they say, when you have done all things right, fate also inclines towards you. we finally saw a motor boat coming across the river which was usually unexpected as it was Sunday. The excitement on our faces after almost an hour and a half of mental struggle was probably all too easy to see. Our efforts were soon replaced with an incomparable feeling of accomplishment.

And so it is rightly said, the greatest of all battles are fought, not physically, but inside the mind. Kudos to the team and this trek experience which was unusual than the usual.

Thanks to everyone for sharing and participating in this contest, all the memories are shared as a highlight on our Instagram page – Do have a look 🙂

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